Any successful cloud strategy will include cloud training. Cloud adoption impacts the whole organisation, changing roles, functions and processes. Synthesis offers bespoke cloud training tailored to your objectives and your organisation.

Emerging technologies, like cloud, AI and machine learning change how your business operates, innovates, responds and scales. This impacts people, processes, planning and business strategy. It’s important to learn how to skillfully navigate this new environment.

With recent reports highlighting how skills enablement deficiencies hamper organisations from truly unlocking the power of cloud technology, training and enablement of existing staff has become a critical component to any successful cloud strategy.

Synthesis’ Learning Academy delivers learning that goes beyond theory. With over 150 Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications, our facilitators are among the region’s leading technology professionals. They work in the field, co-innovating, designing and delivering architecture, services and solutions for start-ups and industry-leading clients. This means you can tap into real insight and experience to fast-track your success.

Our outcomes-driven, on-site training includes theory, practical Synthesis Labs applications and social forums for course discussion and mentoring. Our AWS training covers a wide variety of topics, including AWS Foundational Services, AWS Security, DevOps Best Practices as well as Cloud Economics and TCO, to mention a few.

We can help:
  • Business leaders to understand the new tools available to operate, innovate and scale the business.
  • Finance to understand the economics of new technologies, such as cloud and container platforms.
  • Application owners learn how to leverage technology to meet business priorities.
  • Technology professionals to stay tech-relevant to add value in a constantly changing environment.

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