Payments Centre of Excellence


The Shift

The Global Payments industry is in the midst of a technological revolution.

Digital technologies have given rise to new entrants that are driving the demand for a faster, more affordable, and efficient payments landscape.

With our extensive expertise and know-how in the payments industry, coupled with technical excellence, we empower our clients to leverage technologies that improve the payment experience for their customers.




Core Banking

Transform your core banking function into a modern, agile, and efficient one.

Domestic Payments

As the payments landscape evolves, businesses need to keep pace with the changing customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and technological innovations.

Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection system leverages advanced algorithms and data streaming capabilities to provide your organisation with real-time fraud detection.

International Payments

We empower institutions that either currently provide or aspire to offer cross-border payment services to their customers.

ISO 20022

Migrate to ISO 20022 for effective payments messaging standardisation.

Open Finance

As South Africa embraces its journey towards open finance and strives for data democracy, we are here to assist you in preparing for the myriad opportunities that await in the world of payments.


We have the expertise and tools necessary to help your organisation overcome reconciliation hurdles, allowing you to focus on your core business operations with confidence.

Payment Adaptors

Our adaptors hide the complexity of the BankservAfrica interface and instead provides an easy interface to your payments backoffice. All you need to worry about is whether the transaction is a credit or debit and whether it’s been unpaid or not.

Payment Gateways

Empower your fintech vision with our payment gateway solutions to transform your ideas.

Wallets/ Lending/ Deposits

Unlock a new revenue stream by offering store value digital wallets, credits and deposits.