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We’re not just great developers, we’re also great teachers.

Real-World Technology Training

Get instantly competent and ready to work.

Get training from real-world expert developers.

Upskill your team with custom-designed courses.

Innovation at

Start-Up Speed

New tech adoption is 80% faster when there is a training plan.

Fast-tracked adoption of

Emerging Technologies

Comprehensively trained organisations are 3.8x more likely to meet technology ROI goals.



The likelihood of operational and security problems are 4.4x lower after training in high availability, security and data protection.

Learning scaled across

The Organisation

Get the most out of leading technology with a relevant, real-world technical journey for business stakeholders and deep technology training for technical teams. 


Keep employees


Employee satisfaction rose by 30% after training – teams are more invested, with better staff retention and career agility. 

leading technology

Your Way

Effectively leveraging leading technology requires a change in mindset up and down the organisation: training can help accomplish that goal.

Training for Your Tech Journey.

Take your First Steps.

Let us help you get ready.

Cloud Economics

Synthesis Academy

Understanding Cloud Concepts & Terminology

Become cloud fluent with this 30-minute online course:

We explain the terminology behind:

  • A cloud business case
  • Cost optimisation strategies 
  • Managing your costs in the cloud
  • The culture shock of cloud

Understanding the Impact of Cloud on your Business

Enable Business, Finance & Cloud leadership to understand cloud more completely and to build cost-effective, value-driven strategies in this instructor-led session. 

Understand how to:

  • See cloud as a strategic business enabler
  • Create a culture of cost transparency & accountability between departments
  • Implement best-practice cost management & control strategies 

Managing and Optimising Costs in the Cloud

Improve synergies between Finance and Technology teams with this instructor-led session. 

Learn to identify and articulate:

  • Financial risk
  • Cost optimisation strategies
  • Operations integration strategies & structures for better interdepartmental communication and accountability
  • Deep dive into the practical tools on your dashboard to set up real measures for success

“The facilitator’s knowledge is easy to see and his explanations are spot on.”

Build Your
Team’s Skills

Foundational to expert



Synthesis Academy

AWS Jumpstart

Minimise operational risk by giving your devs a solid foundation in AWS best practices.

This beginner’s workshop is the kick-start to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practically using AWS to support your team’s applications and infrastructure.

Kubernetes Jumpstart

This session is a guided and practical tour of the Kubernetes basic concepts, using AWS EKS as a base.

By the end of the day, which is presented mob-programming style, your team will be able to spin up a real cluster and workloads.

Kafka Jumpstart

Join the ranks of Uber, LinkedIn, Netflix and Spotify by making your data fault-tolerant, replayable and real time.

This foundational course introduces concepts and applications to build event-driven and streaming solutions. 

AWS Launchpad

Stress-test your workload and take the risk out of deploying to production.

The Synthesis Launchpad combines three key AWS services into one offering:

  • Well-architected framework review
  • Operations integration workshop
  • Worst-case scenario gameday 


Kubernetes 4 Devs Jetpack

How does a software dev change a lightbulb? If you are cool, you say with a properly labelled rolling update under Kubernetes. 

In this 4-day, hands-on course, learn everything you need to know about Kubernetes to provision and maintain Kubernetes clusters and develop a full microservices backend (and how to understand this joke). 

Kafka for Architects

Want to build a best practice architecture for event-driven streaming?

This 3-days hands-on course covers the secrets of:

  • Schema management
  • Modelling events 
  • Event systems 
  • Data ingestion & output 
  • Implementing data integration & communication patterns 

“I have learnt new concepts today that give me a strong base to further my skills.”

Deep Dives


Orbits and paths

Synthesis Academy

Security Immersion

Security is everyone’s job. If your teams are not trained, you are at risk operationally and financially.

Give your teams the tools to implement best practices in:

  • Secure infrastructure provisioning
  • Identity & access management
  • Encryption & key management 
  • Compliance 


Game Days & Hackathons

Collaboratively find new solutions. 

Energising and interactive, our custom game days and hackathons immerse your team in the cloud to try new things.

Whether your objective is a current, future or imagined project, we can build game days to mine the best of your team’s creativity. 

We learn from experimenting. Here, we experiment safely. 

Immersion Days

Explore the art of the possible with AWS.  

Immersion Days are hands-on workshops delivered by AWS partners who meet specific requirements, like us!

You will learn how to leverage specific AWS services to maximise their value to your business. 



Our learning path consulting helps you craft robust, relevant learning paths to prepare your niche technology teams for the future. 

We tie into your Human Resources processes to reskill, develop and retain your key talent. 

Partner Classroom Training

Synthesis is a licensed reseller of accredited training offered by AWS and Confluent.

You get all the benefits of our partners’ best-of-breed content, delivered to you virtually through a qualified instructor, leading to certification.

“I think a lot of effort went in to the preparation for this event, and for a virtual event, there isn’t much you could do better, thank you to all the mentors.” 



What Do We Do?

Have you or your team ever had training only to realise:

  • You couldn’t do it on your own afterwards.
  • It didn’t apply to your real-world projects & industry. 
  • You had unanswered questions when trying on your own.
  • You wasted time learning things you didn’t need to know. 
  • You forgot what you learned?

At Synthesis, we deliver customised technology training designed for your real-world projects for real competence. 

Our training is hands on and experiential. You remember what you learn because we create experiences for you to do it yourself with facilitators at your side. 

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are leading technology experts who have been there and done that.

Synthesis Software Technologies

When they are not training, they are living the technology at our clients. 

They have thousands of hours of experience across industries and share these learnings with you so you leave training ready and able to implement what you have learned. 

They talk both tech and business whether you want to upskill your projects teams or help your C-suite to understand the business value of your technologies. 

Plus, they also happen to be pretty awesome to work with. 

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Our Clients

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