Accelerating Smarter Payments

Who is
Halo Dot?

Halo Dot provides certified, secure and modular software that allows merchants to accept contactless payments directly on their mobile phone. Our products turn any mobile device into a virtual point of sale terminal, powered by software with no extra hardware.

Halo Dot is available to Acquirers, Aggregators, Payment Facilitators, and any Developers that are integrating payments into their Apps.

Trusted SoftPOS solutions that enable Tap to Pay on any mobile device. Available globally, powered by AWS cloud technology.

Accessible on Web and Mobile

Halo Dot software can be used on any NFC-based Android device to accept card payments. Our cloud-based Terminal Management System (TMS) is available to integrators and merchants to review transaction details and manage their users and devices.


Halo Dot

SoftPOS is a collection of components that operate together.

Payment Orchestration​

Halo Dot connects to different gateways or processors and can facilitate dynamic routing.

PIN on Glass​

Halo Dot provides secure PIN Entry for transactions above the contactless limit.


Multiple integration options are available to Acquirers and Payfac's.

Cloud POS

Powered by AWS, our Cloud POS Platform provides global availability and terminals.



Want to

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If you’re interested in learning more about Halo Dot and how we can help you, please contact us today.

Alternatively, experience the tap for yourself! Download Halo.Go from the App Store
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