Apache Flink®

Build streaming applications using

Apache Flink®

Utilise stream processing to build reactive applications. The ability to sense and react to things that are happening in the real world.

Imagine reacting on the move, such as having prompt messages alerting you where you can top your tank as you travel. 

Ingest events from one or more live streams and react to incoming events by triggering computations, state updates, or external actions.

Apache Flink® Capabilities 

  • Correctness Guarantees
    • Exactly-once state consistency
    • Event-time processing
    • Sophisticated late data handling
  • Layered APIs
    • SQL on Stream & Batch Data
    • DataStream API & DataSet API
    • ProcessFunction (Time & State)
  • Operational Focus
    • Flexible deployment
    • High-availability setup
    • Savepoints


Learn more about our partnership with Confluent and our serverless Apache Flink offering in our latest blog post.

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Measurement-rich telematic applications 

Power intelligent self-discovery of behavioural patterns arising from the human use of instrumented vehicles that is sensitive to individual behavioural patterns and deviations from it – flagging those specific deviations to trigger custom workflows in the fleet owner/operator/manager. 

TelematicAI lives on the event stream and constructs rich machine learning features for a representation of the many measurements that the telematic device makes to track behaviours and enable specific business functions.

TelematicAI has been built in an abstract fashion, and there is no hard requirement for a specific sensor: it works just fine if there is no g-force measurement or even if it isn’t a telematic packet at all—it could be a transaction on a financial system too. 

At the heart of TelematicAI is a true form of AI, that is based on representation learning and it can retrain as more data comes through the event stream. 

Why Telematic AI?  

Customised scenario-based workflows.  

Allocate resources to unique events that cannot be mechanically processed, such as those events that require a call or conversation to resolve. For all types of events, the system can signal a workflow specific to each event. ROI is achieved through the improved processing time of telematic events, allowing the business to handle increased event volumes without scaling the operations team. 

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