Case Studies / Afgri launches into cloud with an AWS Landing Zone

AFGRI Agri Services is a leading agricultural services company with core competencies to enhance, support and guide the growth of your agricultural enterprise.

As an enterprise with a diverse range of unique applications Afgri was seeking to move workloads to the cloud. The Afgri Landing Zone (LZ) project set to implement a platform to onboard various teams within the company to begin their cloud journey. Teams required an efficient automated process to take the necessary first steps in building or migrating a workload to cloud.


The implementation of a cloud architecture that can host hundreds of workloads to support enterprise-level services in the agricultural industry can be difficult. There is a need to provide guardrails for a decentralised migration of workloads to the cloud. This requires guidelines on how teams can securely and efficiently migrate workloads to a cloud environment preconfigured with guardrails that allow relative autocracy.


Synthesis proposed an automated managed structure to assist the Afgri teams to migrate their workloads according to the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. With the main focus being on the security of the guardrails. It was proposed that all accounts get vended with logging, monitoring, secure networking, hardened images etc. through the use of AWS services such as CloudTrail, CloudWatch and VPCs. Synthesis customised the implementation of these services so that industry standards were attained and provided a level of security that best fits Afgri. These accounts would be vendored in an isolated Organisational Unit (OU) within the Synthesis AWS account in order to provide bespoke managed services to Afgri.t


The Afgri application teams now have secure environments with the required logging, monitoring, and networking protection services pre-provisioned. These services go beyond the default recommendations to fit the security needs of the Afgri teams.  Teams can now migrate or build, test, and deploy workloads in secure environments.

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