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Confluent makes it easy to connect your apps, systems, and  organisation with real-time data flow and processing.

As a trusted South African Confluent partner and subscription reseller, we can help you set your data in motion and get insight into your events.

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Synthesis Software Technologies
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Event streaming unlocks new use cases and benefits specific to just about every industry, but a few of the most common are:

Cost Savings

Saving costs by doing more, with less, and with greater agility, which helps lower the bottom line

Improved Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience, managing data in real time, and driving loyalty, which in turn drives up revenue.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risk with a capability such as fraud detection and prevention—ultimately another money saver

Special Offers

Cloud Computing

Confluent Kafka Assessment

Find out if your architecture is fit for purpose and get proven recommendations in just two weeks.

We assess your environment, provide immediate fixes and a prioritised road map designed for your business through a mini workshop. 

Get instantly competent with our Apache Kafka® training custom-designed for your business and use cases.

We deliver customised Apache Kafka® training designed for your team, your industry and your projects.


Real-World Kafka Training

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Turn-key Solutions

Your one-stop shop for professional services and 1st line of support for Confluent Kafka Platforms (On-Premises or AWS) in multiple deployments options.

We specialise in developing modern streaming solutions covering anomaly and fraud detection, real-time inferencing, and timely reactive applications

Why Synthesis

As Confluent’s partner of choice, we ensure you can take full advantage of your data.

We have a team of recognised local talent with a proven delivery track record.

Because of this, our Confluent specialists have been chosen as the only African partner to present at Confluent events and appear on their podcast to showcase our learning. 

We have deep Confluent, Kafka, security and event streaming expertise with a speciality in cloud-native reactive applications.

Plus, we have done this before, and a lot.