Confluent Kafka Assessment

Get fit for purpose architecture

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Confluent Kafka Assessment

Find out if your architecture is fit for purpose and get proven recommendations in just two weeks.*

Take a package deal and get 30% off.  

*This audit is in high demand and will be served on a first-come first-served basis. 

*This assessment is in high demand and will be served on a first-come first-served basis. 

About the Confluent
Kafka Assessment

Confluent Kafka is powerful.

But without in-depth knowledge, it is difficult to know if your architecture is fit for your use case and if it will manage to scale as your demand increases.

Often, unexpected issues pop up which result in delivery delays.

Suddenly deadlines are being pushed out and what you have built is not managing to deliver the expected results.

No one needs that type of uncertainty.

That is why we have created the Confluent Kafka Assessment.

As a leading Confluent provider in South Africa, we assess your environment, provide immediate fixes and a prioritised road map designed for your business.

70% of fortune 500 companies are benefitting from Confluent Kafka.

And so can you.

The Assessment will Help You:

  • Confirm whether your architecture is right for your use cases.
  • Find out if your architecture is able to scale to meet your future demand.
  • Upskill your team through expert insights.

  • Get recommendations custom designed for your business and use cases.

The Process

1. Map what you need to achieve
We meet with your business stakeholders and deep dive into what you want to achieve.

2. The audit
We begin a thorough assessment of your architecture against your success metrics.

3. The report
We share a detailed report of what is working and what needs improvement in your architecture.

We take this further and add in three complementary steps
so you are not just left with a document that you may not understand.

4. The presentation
We present our findings to deliver fast value.

5. Time to collect your questions
We give you time to review the findings.

6. The workshop & mini training
We come back for another session to answer all your questions so you are certain of your next steps and are upskilled along the way.

Some of

Our Clients

Synthesis Software Technologies
Standard Bank
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Vitality Group
Synthesis Software Technologies
Woolworths Financial Services

Why Synthesis

As a leading Confluent partner in South Africa, we ensure you can take full advantage of your data.

We have a team of recognised local talent with a proven delivery track record.

Because of this, our Confluent specialists have been chosen as the only African partner to present at Confluent events and appear on their podcast to showcase our learning. 

We have deep Confluent, Kafka, security and event streaming expertise with a specialty in cloud-native reactive applications.

Plus, we have done this before, and a lot.

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