Real-World Kafka Training

Designed for your business

Real-World Kafka Training

Get instantly competent with our Apache Kafka® training custom-designed for your business and use cases.*

Take a package deal and get 30% off. 

Synthesis Software Technologies

*This training is in high demand and will be served on a first-come first-served basis. 

The Truth About Training

Have you or your team ever had training only to realise:
  • You couldn’t do it on your own afterwards.
  • It didn’t apply to your real-world projects or industry.
  • You had unanswered questions.
  • You wasted time learning things you didn’t need to know.
  • You forgot what you learned?

At Synthesis, we deliver customised Apache Kafka®
training designed for your team, your industry and your

You’ll remember what you learn because of our hands-on exercises and labs, and our expert facilitators will guide you and answer your questions.

What Does the Course Cover?

This 3-days hands-on course has nine modules.

It will start with basic Kafka concepts all the way through to designing applications to building event  driven and streaming architectures.

You will Learn how to build best practice architecture, custom designed for your event-driven streaming.

Learn the Secrets of:

Schema management

Modelling events

Event systems

Data ingestion & output

Implementing data integration & communication patterns


Event streaming unlocks new use cases and benefits specific to just about every industry, but a few of the most common are:

Learn from Expert Kafkateers

We are home to the most experienced Kafka architects and engineers.

Develop your Employees

Apache Kafka® is one of the rarest skill sets. Build your own centre of excellence with your own experts.

Get Custom-Designed Training

Our training is custom designed for your business, showing you how to achieve your vision and realise value.

Get Immediate Competence

In just three days, your team will be able to manage your event streaming, maintain your processes and even build new projects.

Prepare for Confluent Certification

This is the ideal way to prepare your team for Confluent certification.

Some of

Our Clients

Synthesis Software Technologies
Standard Bank
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies
Vitality Group
Synthesis Software Technologies
Woolworths Financial Services

Why Synthesis

As a leading Confluent partner, we ensure you can take full advantage of your data.

We have a team of recognised local talent with a proven delivery track record.

Because of this, our Confluent specialists have been chosen as the only African partner to present at Confluent events and appear on their podcast to showcase our learning. 

We have deep Confluent, Kafka, security and event streaming expertise with a specialty in cloud-native reactive applications.

Plus, we have done this before, and a lot.

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This course can be delivered virtually or in-person.

Yes, this training takes up to 20 people max.

We can create a custom-designed package deal to suit your needs. 

This is for companies only.