Cloud computing rapidly modernises IT infrastructures and capabilities, adding significant agility to development teams and the organisation – but it can also pose many security risks! As security is a moving target, expert guidance is needed to architect resilient and secure solutions, build out security capabilities and automation, and lock in best practices.

Cloud computing rapidly modernises IT infrastructure and capabilities, adding agility. However, it also brings new security risks. In the highly dynamic, rapidly advancing cloud environment, security threats are evolving apace. To mitigate t risks, appropriate security controls are needed. Synthesis’ team of highly knowledgeable individuals can provide guidance and expertise throughout your cloud journey.

Our security team works to constantly evolve our security services through advancement of our core security capabilities. These include identity and access management, logging and monitoring, encryption and key management, network segmentation, Web application firewalls and DDoS protection, as well as complex areas such as proactive threat detection and privilege access management.

We can help:
  • Security Architects to architect resilient and secure solutions that conform to the pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and security best practises.
  • Security Engineers to build out security capabilities and automation to secure a cloud environment.
  • Product owners to ensure that best practices are followed and the correct risk and governance frameworks are in place.
  • Application owners to build secure cloud native applications.

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