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How should existing workloads ideally transition to the cloud? Migration requires an injection of fresh thinking. Our cloud accelerator model can help you quickly realise benefits from cloud initiatives with best practice, architecture and knowledge transfer built in.

Does your organisation need to boost the efficiency and effectiveness with which it executes cloud proofs of concept, migrates its applications to AWS environments or drives adoption of cloud services across the enterprise? Our DevOps approach and Accelerator Model can help you quickly realise benefit from cloud initiatives with best practice, architecture and knowledge transfer built in.

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Synthesis leverages the powerful capabilities of DevOps approaches and Web architecture and services to help organisations develop, realise and scale innovation faster, perform at digital pace and to transform. With our deep specialisation in cloud innovation and solution co-creation for organisations, we have developed a cloud accelerator model that can help you rapidly realise value from your cloud investments.

It synchronises and aligns projects and resources, ensuring best practices and adherence to cloud engineering standards, and prioritising outcomes to meet business goals.

The model encompasses solution development, deployment automation (CI/CD pipelines, an integral component of DevOps approaches), cloud security, the design and implementation of cloud operating models and adherence to cloud engineering standards.

Among others, Synthesis can help your organisation:
  • Explore options for infrastructure design, optimising use of AWS services to best achieve application requirements.
  • Finalise AWS application environment designs, including sandbox, non-production and production environments.
  • Apply a selection of DevOps tooling to enable automation – i.e., CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and configuration.
  • Define application-specific requirements for AWS Landing Zone and adherence to security base controls, ensuring fit for the application team’s purpose.
  • Implement AWS awareness and base training for application teams.
  • Perform tactical lift-and-shift migrations as needed to suit business requirements, using AWS Server and Database Migration Services.

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