We co-create digital innovation with enterprises and start – from ideation to rapid application development, prototyping, provisioning of fully-managed architecture and services in the cloud, and tactical lift-and-shift migrations – to deliver cost and competitive advantage to your business.

Delivering complex, high-value digital initiatives successfully takes experience and expertise. We have honed our ability using agile approaches to deliver rapid builds and prototypes that take you closer to your objectives, faster.

Digital transformation initiatives often begin with much uncertainty. Legacy solutions, knowledge gaps, lack of documentation and key-man dependencies all contribute to complexity. There’s no time for slow, siloed traditional development approaches in the fast-paced digital environment; Synthesis uses agile development approaches, rapidly delivering tangible outcomes (minimum viable products) and iterating outputs to expand solution functionality based on stakeholder feedback. This delivers faster, more effective and accurate outcomes, minimises wastage and allows frequent adaptation of solutions to new requirements without impacting on larger projects.

Synthesis can help your organisation:
  • Storymap the full digital transformation journey and identify key projects.
  • Create a demo version embodying the digital experience to present to stakeholders or project investors.
  • Create a minimum viable product (MVP), a launchable version of your digital journey for release to early adopters.
  • Expand your digital journey by starting parallel journey development streams targeting other areas of the business or iterating on the MVP functionality.
  • Support your digital journey by fully managing your architecture and services on the cloud.
  • Perform tactical lift-and-shift migrations as needed to suit business requirements, using AWS Server and Database Migration Services.

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