Synthesis’ Award-Winning Gen AI Solutions Take Centre Stage with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently hosted an exclusive event “Elevating Possibilities with Partners – a Showcase of GenAI Excellence” in South Africa. This event brought together ten esteemed partners, including Synthesis Software Technologies, to highlight innovative advancements in the field of Generative AI (GenAI). Dr. Archie Arakkal, Practice Lead, and Darren Bak, Head of Intelligent […]

Celebrate AWS excellence with Synthesis

A Collaboration forged through innovation, next-generation infrastructure, unrivalled cloud, and digital transformation expertise.

There is something special about opening the door to a first home. Often it is the first step towards independence, and a time of hope, optimism, and knowing that anything is possible.

Understanding the AWS Marketplace

Software procurement can be a complex and time-consuming process. Whether you are an independent small business entrepreneur or a multinational corporation, you will need to scale procurement as your needs grow.

What is AWS Marketplace?

Synthesis Head of Marketing and People Howard Feldman sits down with AWS Marketplace Senior Category Manager Kuda Mlingo to discuss what exactly the AWS Marketplace is.

Born in Adversity: Start-up Stories

Succeeding as a start-up is about not only having the ability to see what is possible but the drive to persevere when everyone else cannot.

Join our expert panel as they share their startup stories, what it takes to push through adversity, advice for thriving in times of Corona and how they all tapped into one technology (AWS Cloud) that assisted their growth.

AWS Summit Cape Town 2019

Synthesis were gold sponsors at the 2019 AWS Summit in Cape Town held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The event kicked off with a keynote address by Peter DeSantis who spoke about the importance of choosing the right cloud provider as well as the upcoming region in Cape Town. TymeBank, Old Mutual and the University of Pretoria also spoke about how they are using AWS internally to solve business problems.

Synthesis’s CDO Tom Wells, kicked off a session with Standard Bank about real time personalization. Synthesis also participated in the DeepRacer event that was held at the summit

Recent IDC report highlights enhanced business value through Amazon Web Services

Darryl Govender, Synthesis’ Head of Cloud Consulting shares his insights on the IDC’s report on Fostering business and organisational transformation to generate business value with Amazon Web Services: “Customers’ increased expectations of always-on systems strongly advocate for the use of cloud-enabled hyperscale technologies. Companies leveraging DevOps approaches on AWS, for example, are able to deliver […]