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Windows-Based Workloads?

We can help you migrate your workloads and achieve reduced operational costs (56% in five years) and increased ROI (442% in five years).

But to realise even more benefits of cloud, we can help you take a revolutionary step further.

Enter modernisation.

By modernising your workloads in the AWS Cloud, you will leave behind legacy and expensive licensing. 

You can look forward to cost saving, as well as higher performance, greater reliability, and rapid innovation to revolutionise your business.


Increased Application Reliability

Ensure continuous business operations across globally dispersed Availability Zones that help reduce downtime hours

Flexible Licensing

Reduce costs by optimising your licensing to fit your business needs

Accelerate Innovation

Automate operations and maintenance to free up your workforce and give them more time to focus on envisioning and creating new products

Strengthen Security

Leverage the breadth of security and governance services on AWS to consistently protect your assets meet strict compliance requirements


Cost Savings

Modernisation Pathways:

Migrate from legacy .NET applications to containerised .NET Core applications or to Lambda i.e. serverless technology.

Moving  from monolithic applications to a decoupled architecture will provide you with increased cost savings and scalability. 

Move away from Windows Server to reduce costs and escape licensing restrictions.

Migrate SQL Server running on Windows Server to Amazon Aurora or SQL Server on Linux.

Cloud-native services like Amazon Aurora provide the security, availability, and reliability of commercial databases at 1/10th the cost.  

No longer pay for expensive Windows and/or SQL Server licensing.

Why Synthesis

1 in 3 companies fail to achieve the benefits of cloud and show ROI.

At Synthesis, we believe businesses deserve better.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with years of cloud experience, and over 200 certifications, we ensure you get the best of cloud. 

We draw on our thousands of hours from across industries and share our key findings to make cloud adoption simple, understandable and most importantly successful. 

This is the reason AWS named us Consulting Partner of the Year 2021.



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