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Synthesis sponsors Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security Conference

Synthesis was a sponsor of the annual Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security conference held on the 10th of May at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. This year’s conference saw well over 1 500 IT Professionals attending the event from a diverse range of industries and disciplines.

Synthesis at Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security Conference

Synthesis at Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security Conference

This year was the first time Synthesis sponsored the event, as South Africa’s first Advanced Consulting Partner we teamed up with AWS to co-brand a stand which showcased our cloud enablement expertise across cloud readiness, cloud migration, cloud security and big data.

During the conference the MC, Aki Anastasiou, asked the audience to tweet about the top 3 concerns that they have regarding cloud computing. The tweets revealed that the top concerns for most businesses are security, costs and connectivity.

AWS is well positioned to handle these concerns as the AWS Cloud lets you operate in the same environment trusted by most of the world’s security organisations to help protect your mission-critical data without sacrificing control, speed, or performance. You can use a combination of workload isolation, 256-bit encryption, identity and access management, API call logging, and other features designed for data security and regulatory compliance  across a multitude of industries.

Synthesis at Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security Conference

Futhermore, AWS Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that need to access reliable and secure computing resources in a cost-efficient manner. AWS offers value by operating on massive economies of scale. You can access the computing resources you need and pay for them as you go, without upfront costs or risks of wasted money or restricted capacity. You can also use dedicated infrastructure or License Mobility to move existing enterprise software licenses to the cloud, so you can continue to get value from current investments while still benefitting from the performance, scalability, and security that the AWS Cloud is known for.

AWS has an extensive set of more than 50 cloud services that range from compute, storage, database, networking, analytics, end-user applications, mobile services, IoT, developer tools, management tools, security & identity, and application services, making it the ideal cloud platform to migrate and run your applications.

Synthesis at Mybroadband Cloud Hosting & Security Conference

Some of these services were demonstrated by Michael Needham, Head of Solutions Architecture for RMEA for AWS at the conference. Michael gave a few demos utilizing Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, S3 and API gateway along with the Amazon Echo. The crowd especially liked Michael’s IOT demo where the crowd navigated to a URL hosted on AWS and then controlled what they saw on their screens by issuing voice commands to the Amazon Echo.

By: Jared Naude, Synthesis Software Technologies