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International Payments


Synthesis recognises the dynamic transformation taking place in the cross-border payment landscape. With the rise of new competitors and cutting-edge technologies, the industry is undergoing a profound evolution. 

There is a significant shift across the globe as SWIFT is moving from MT to MX standards.

To champion this industry evolution, we’ve built strategic partnerships with financial institutions and FinTech innovators to craft exceptional client experiences.

As your trusted advisor and technology partner, we empower institutions that either currently provide or aspire to offer cross-border payment services to their customers. 


In today’s fast-paced world, consumers demand a seamless, transparent, and 24/7 real-time cross-border experience. We’re here to guide you strategically, bringing expertise right to your doorstep. We assist you in forming the right partnerships and selecting the right products, ensuring you can adapt quickly to meet these evolving needs.


Leveraging our trusted partnerships, we can provide you with money transfer software and an ecosystem that enables you to instantly offer and expand your cross-border payments business.

Dynamic Routing

Based on best cost, best speed, best availability of network.

Pre-Existing Integrations

Providing access to 140+ corridors and an extensive network of payment gateways and disbursement

Bank-Grade Security

Highly compliant – ISO27001 and GDPR compliant with fraud prevention and management capability. 

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