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Your business is in motion. Now there is a data platform for it – Confluent.

Confluent makes it easy to connect your apps, systems, and your entire organisation with real-time data flow and processing.

Synthesis, as the only South African Confluent partner, can help you set your data in motion and get insight into your events.

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Set your data in motion & let insight lead

Did you know?

80% of Fortune 500 companies use Apache Kafka.

How event streaming drives business value overall

Event streaming unlocks new use cases and benefits specific to just about every industry, but a few of the most common are:

Improved Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience, managing data in real time, and driving loyalty, which in turn drives up revenue.

Cost Savings

Saving costs by doing more, with less, and with greater agility, which helps lower the bottom line

Risk Mitigation

Mitigating risk with a capability such as fraud detection and prevention—ultimately another money saver

Use cases

  • Legacy Systems Enablement (CDC)
  • Next-gen Customer Engagement Apps
  • Kafka as your Central Nervous System
  • Sense-and-Act on Real-World Events (IOT)

Our offers

  • Enablement: Turn-key Solutions for Cloud & On-Prem
  • Kafka Establishment & Audits
  • Kafka Training for Architects & Developers
  • Enablement: Turn-key Solutions for Cloud & On-Prem
  • Confluent Subscription Reseller

Our experience

Synthesis Intelligent Data has experience building and manging large scale kafka (data streaming) platforms. Our AWS, Data Streaming and Confluent Kafka Engineers have experience delivering training for developers and architects, Kafka audits / health checks and real-time analytics through streams processing & ksqlDB.

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