Microsoft Workloads

Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Modernise, Cost Optimise & Revolutionise your workloads with Synthesis and AWS

Migrate your SQL Database/Windows Workloads to the cloud & save 40%* in Licensing & Compute.

With an Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) you can evaluate your cost vs usage. We do the heavy lifting of assessing and building your migration and cloud licensing strategy. You enjoy the rewards.

And, because we are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can offer this for FREE*! This month only. Spaces are limited.

What our customers say:

“They had the right AWS skills, right calibre of people."

“They were recommended by AWS and AWS recommends a handful of partners."

The Process


Determine prospective workloads to optimise for cloud, and collect their utilisation data.


Analyse the data to model cost and licensing optimisation scenarios.


Review the results and build your business case or start a migration proof of concept.

The Benefits

Understand Your Enviroment

Fully understand what you have deployed in your current environment.

Licensing Cost Reductions

Get potential licensing cost reductions with a license assessment.

Go-to-Cloud Strategy

Go to cloud the right way with a full strategy for migrating servers, identifying dependencies & prioritising workloads

Minimum Time, Maximum Value

You will only need to share 30 minutes of your time for us to set up the tool to run between a 2-to-6 weeks assessment.

Seamless Migration

Migrate with ease because you have fully assessed your current environment.

Rightsized Resources

Match instance types and sizes to your workload performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Learn More about OLA?

A no-obligation 2-6 weeks assessment and license cost audit of your current environment that lets you:

  1. Understand what you have deployed. 
  2. Know how to use your existing Microsoft licenses in the cloud and reduce licensing costs.
  3. Understand your cost options for moving to AWS Cloud.
  4. Build a strategy to move to the cloud: which servers to move first, project scope, timing and effort needed.

It will also:

  • Help you reduce costs by rightsizing your existing workloads when they move to the cloud.
  • Scan of your Windows & Linux Workloads that maps a baseline of your infrastructure, licensing and resources consumptions.
  • Provides consumption data, trend analysis, recommended AWS config/pricing estimates.

Why Synthesis

Because we understand the process. Because we love to enable businesses. And because cloud is ours. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with years of cloud experience and over 180 certifications. Our partnership allows us to pass on exclusive benefits to you.

We draw on our thousands of hours from across industries and share our key findings to make cloud adoption simple, understandable and most importantly successful.

We provide a full suite of services to progress with assessment findings including cloud enablement, migration, digital projects, managed services, and intelligent data solutions. 

*free with over 50 servers to migrate. *40% on average.


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