Microsoft Workloads

Microsoft Workloads

Application modernisation is one of our core capabilities; coupled with our vast experience with Microsoft technologies, we help our customers convert legacy platforms into modern, well-architected and Cloud-native installations. We can also help migrate and operate Microsoft workloads at scale in the AWS Cloud, including Microsoft SQL, Active Directory and Windows Server.

AWS has been home to Microsoft (MS) Workloads for well over a decade now, and is credited with the lion’s share of MS Workloads in the public Cloud space. At Synthesis, we’ve leveraged the synergies of both platforms and technologies to cultivate deep expertise in MS Workload modernisation, as well as migration and operationalisation.

Using a considered approach to application modernisation, we help our customers successfully end-of-life their legacy applications, replacing them with well-architected, Cloud-native and typically containerised (and in some cases serverless) successors. As an example, moving away from legacy .NET Framework monoliths to .NET Core containerised installations.

We have also executed a number of MS COTS Workload migrations, including MSSQL, Active Directory and Windows Server. Our approach is typically to consider the licensing and management impact, opting for AWS provisioned licensing over Bring Your Own License (BYOL) as well as managed services, where appropriate. Our experience and understanding of MS Workload specifics enables us to efficiently operate these estates, with security, resilience and cost management built in. We also offer a managed service for these migrated workloads.

We can help:
  • Modernise legacy MS Workloads, e.g. NET Framework to .NET Core, decoupled architectures that are typically containerised or serverless
  • Perform cost analysis on your MS Workload estate to rationalize costs of cloud migration and operation
  • Migrate MSSQL, Active Directory and Windows Server
  • Operate and support MS Workloads through our Managed Service

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