Microsoft Workloads

Microsoft Workloads

Modernise, Cost Optimise & Revolutionise your workloads with Synthesis and AWS

Microsoft Workloads

Modernise, Cost Optimise & Revolutionise your workloads with Synthesis and AWS

Is Your Organisation Running Windows-Based Workloads?

Migrating these workloads can lead to reduced operational costs and increased return on investment. But to realise all the benefits of cloud, you must take a revolutionary step further. Enter modernisation. By not only migrating your workloads but modernising them to the AWS Cloud, you will leave behind legacy and expensive licensing, and look forward to cost saving, as well as higher performance, greater reliability, and rapid innovation to revolutionise your business.

AWS has been home to Microsoft (MS) Workloads for well over a decade now and is credited with the lion’s share of MS Workloads in the public cloud space. At Synthesis, as the only South African Partner with this competency, we’ve leveraged the synergies of both platforms and technologies to cultivate deep expertise in MS Workload modernisation, as well as migration and operationalisation. We have partnered with AWS to offer significant discounts for clients embarking on this modernisation journey.

Are your apps already running on the cloud? Modernisation is not limited to applications running on-premise but also to those already running in the cloud.

Join industry leaders in unlocking modernisation at dramatically reduced rates with our two phased approach:

AWS provides us with significant discounts due to our Microsoft Workloads Competency and we are choosing to pass this on to our clients.

  1. Receive up to $25k discount when commencing a modernisation Discovery project
  2. Receive up to 25% savings for the execution of modernisation into AWS.


Results of moving Windows Workloads to AWS over 5 years

  • 56% reduction in costs operations
  • 442% increase in ROI

Results of modernising Windows Workloads

  • Increased speed
  • Scalability
  • Agility
  • Greater reliability
  • Increased performance
  • Innovation
  • Ability to release new capabilities faster
Modernise, Cost Optimise and Revolutionise with AWS

Modernisation pathways include:

  • Migrate from legacy .NET applications to containerised .NET Core applications or to Lambda i.e. serverless technology– move from monolithic applications to a decoupled architecture for increased cost savings and scalability. Move away from Windows Server to reduce costs and escape licensing restrictions.
  • Migrate SQL Server running on Windows Server to Amazon Aurora or SQL Server on Linux- cloud-native services like Amazon Aurora provide the security, availability, and reliability of commercial databases at 1/10th the cost.  No longer pay for expensive Windows and/or SQL Server licensing.

Why partner with Synthesis?

Choosing the right partner is key to navigating the modernisation journey. Synthesis, is a local pioneer in AWS with a Microsoft Workloads Competency, among others in our list of ever-growing competencies list. We are recognised for our in-depth expertise and proven track-record to design, migrate, deploy, and manage Microsoft-based applications on AWS. We are also the preferred partner for some of the largest banks, financial institutions across Africa as we believe in partnership and truly understanding your business to deliver true value.


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