A Focused Horse Wins – Congratulations Synthesis!

I heard a story about a man who bought himself a very expensive thoroughbred horse. In the version that I was told, the owner wanted to use it for breeding purposes. The motivation aside, it was clear that the cost was more than he should have spent on any one item, and so he became […]

Unleashing Economic Potential: The Soaring Growth of Cross-Border Payments in Africa

The pivotal role of digital accessibility for goods and services has become abundantly clear over the past few years. The global economy, now more than ever, relies on the seamless flow of transactions across borders. Whether it involves individuals, businesses, or financial institutions spanning different countries, the realm of cross-border payments has taken center stage […]

In Code We Trust, In Humanity We Thrive

Project success hinges on many factors, but the human element of development teams should not be overlooked. While the team primarily delivers code, software systems and intricate system architectures, the journey to project success can be streamlined by prioritising the soft skills and relationships amongst developers – your fellow warriors in the trenches. With the […]

Synthesis’ Award-Winning Gen AI Solutions Take Centre Stage with AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently hosted an exclusive event “Elevating Possibilities with Partners – a Showcase of GenAI Excellence” in South Africa. This event brought together ten esteemed partners, including Synthesis Software Technologies, to highlight innovative advancements in the field of Generative AI (GenAI). Dr. Archie Arakkal, Practice Lead, and Darren Bak, Head of Intelligent […]

Is Account Reconciliation Enough?

Is Account Reconciliation Enough? In the realm of financial management, the significance of account reconciliation as a tool for evaluating an organisation’s financial health is undeniable says Naomi Breetzke, Payment Consultant at Synthesis. It allows organisations to gain insights into their cash position, liabilities, and assets, facilitating informed decision-making.  The challenge lies in determining whether […]

Simplify Stream Processing With Serverless Apache Flink® From Confluent and Synthesis Software Technologies (Pty) Ltd

We’re thrilled to be partnered with Confluent today as they announce the general availability of the industry’s only cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink® service. Available directly within Confluent’s data streaming platform alongside a cloud-native service for Apache Kafka®, the new Flink offering is now ready for use on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Directly integrated with […]

Integrating Generative AI into the Cloud – Trends for 2024

As people continue to navigate the world of cloud computing and the new offerings that AI can present, 2024 is on the brink of launching new opportunities for those willing to chart this opportunistic territory. Two of Synthesis Technology’s experts in this field, Naseem Ahmed, Cloud Mobilisation Practice Lead, and Jonathan Sidney, Cloud Platform Lead […]

Are people more complicated than technology? 

As overwhelming as technology can be, it is generally predictable. Often, the challenges developers face boil down to misconfigured code, that can be adjusted over time, humorously referred to as PEBCAK: Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. Alternatively, software providers can release patches or introduce new features. On the other hand, people are far less […]