The Art of Disruptive Innovation

By Drikus van de Walt, Synthesis Cloud Disruption Engineer In roughly the 5th Century BC a book emerged from ancient China. Attributed to the ancient military strategist Sun Tzu, this book: The Art of War1, is still considered to be one of the greatest military treatises ever penned. It has remained popular through the centuries […]

10 “commandments” for stopping creativity in its tracks

By Jake Sheperd, Synthesis Co-founder, Technical Director & Hero Builder How could we craft a company that destroys and stifles creativity and innovation? The sort of company where Dilbert, the comic strip character, works. Surely knowing how to create and encourage creativity is more useful than knowing how to destroy? I would argue the opposite. […]

Stop Talking About Work Culture

The conversation would follow the same pattern. “Howard,” my wife would say, “I heard about an amazing marriage enrichment program. Can I register for us?” What she really was asking is if I would be prepared to commit 3 hours for the next 12 Wednesday evenings to the hell of listening to couples complain about […]

Taking back the power: your guide to remote work

By Rodney Ellis, Synthesis Service manager With winter just around the corner and Eskom not being able to provide enough power to the country, there is not a lot of hope for a stable remote working environment. The anxiety that one little notification can produce in a team – stage 4 loadshedding has started – […]

How to tap into the art of imagination?

By Jake Sheperd, Synthesis Co-founder, Technical Director & Hero Builder When I was young I dreamed that I could fly and everyone would realise how amazing I was: the only human being who could fly. It turns out that I did not have the superpower of flight. But I did have another power; the power […]

The Future is Agile

By Daniel Sinek, Synthesis Marketing Intern Business is dynamic. Fortune 500 companies are successful because they can adapt responsively. One savvy way to join their ranks is by using an Agile methodology. The Agile methodology is a cyclical process that is best suited for dynamic business environments that evolve. Agile refers to an organisations’ ability […]

Just Start

JUST START. EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY By Tjaard du Plessis, Synthesis Head of Digital & Emerging Tech Here be Dragons! There’s something about that moment when you go: File > New. Together with the beauty of the blank page, the nothingness also invokes, fear. Fear of uncertainty. At the start of a project is when we know […]

The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them?

The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them? By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager If the quintessential experts get their predictions wrong, how can anyone else hope to get them right? Covid-19 has taught us to shy away from predictions – the future is an uncertain landscape. Yet some areas allow for more […]

Innovation vs Security: Can you have them both?

Innovation vs Security: Can you have them both?

It was the motoring legend Jeremy Clarkson that once said: “speed doesn’t kill it’s the coming to a stop that gets you.” The same applies to rapid innovation. If you roll out the latest and greatest technology too quickly without securing it, you might be vulnerable to halting attacks. Implementing the most market-leading innovations is […]

Synthesis Newsletter New Subscribers Competition Terms and Conditions: Cloud 2021

1. The Synthesis Newsletter New Subscribers giveaway (Competition) is a competition of Synthesis Software Technologies Pty Ltd (Company) and will governed by the terms and conditions set out in this document (Terms and Conditions). The Competition commences on 14 September and ends on 19 September. 2. The Competition is open to everyone over the age […]