Synthesis continues to deliver excellent top-line growth and profits for Capital Appreciation – Results period ending March 2023. 

For over 25 years, Synthesis has delivered innovative customised solutions using leading technologies. Forming part of the Software division of Capital Appreciation, a financial technology company, Synthesis has continued to grow its leading position as a preferred software implementation partner.   Reflecting on the past financial year, Michael Shapiro, Managing Director of Synthesis has reason to […]

REST(ful) in peace …

We obviously all love REST, and it’s become the standard, least-surprising choice to make when building any type of service these days – be it monolithic, microservice, web, or whatever. However, a fundamental change in the way we build new systems is approaching. It’s already starting to emerge in the hyperscale enterprise space, and it’s […]

Adopting cloud at scale

Undoubtedly, cloud computing has become the new norm for any digitally enabled business. However, commonly accepted, well-documented and comprehensive strategies for cloud adoption remain lacking, with Gartner estimating that fewer than one third of enterprises have these in place. For those who do, more than 80% of enterprises surveyed as part of RightScale’s State of […]

What’s left to innovate?

Craig Leppan, Business Development Director of Synthesis, was interviewed by Business Day about fintech innovation and what new ideas banking might come up with this year.  South Africa has led the world in financial technology, but does the world really need another payment gateway or mobile wallet? We spoke to experts from companies that specialise […]

The Tortoise and the Hare, Enterprise vs Startup

Once upon a time there was a tortoise. And its name was Kodak. The end. Unfortunately for Kodak, this wasn’t a fairy tale and it didn’t have a happy ending. Kodak, at its peak, was selling 20 million film cameras a year. Kodak also invented a digital camera 16 years before they became mainstream. But […]