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Africa’s first cashless money transfer operator uses txstream Finsurv software from Synthesis for error-free, automatic daily reporting to the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).


Mama Money does cross-border payments, which necessitates daily reporting to the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) as part of its regulatory responsibility.

The solution, Synthesis txstream Finsurv Reporting, delivers Balance of Payments (BOP) reporting to the SARB, providing an automated submission engine and complying with the SARB’s FINSURV specifications.


Synthesis has over 12 years of cross-border flows reporting experience. Its licensed software solution allows for all future potential FINSURV changes and validation rule updates.  The team meets regularly with the SARB Finsurv team to understand the regulations and changes required by BOP Reporting.


Synthesis was able to deliver exactly what Mama Money was looking for and the company was able to launch using the most advanced reporting software in the market.

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