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Investec Mauritius now offers a sophisticated, user-friendly online banking platform for its customers, who include high net-worth individuals and corporates.


The platform, developed in record time by Synthesis, handles multi-currency accounts, multi- currency payments and offers intermediaries a number of benefits including single sign-on to manage all their customer accounts.


Synthesis developed a platform in three months that enabled all customers of the bank to view their accounts online. The transactional portion of the platform went live within another nine months. As security was always critical, the client contracted a third-party security evaluator to penetration test the platform. The results? No security concerns were found despite a number of hacking attempts.


New features have been added over the years, including functionality for intermediaries and an integrated forex platform to come. The online banking application was initially built for individuals, but it now also allows intermediaries to bank on behalf of their own customers. The platform has also evolved to the point where it will soon pull in live foreign exchange data.

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