Case Studies / Capitec SARS solution

Synthesis has successfully assisted Capitec with streamlining their SARS reporting. When they approached us, the rapidly growing bank was struggling to reduce the time spent preparing SARS IT3B reports.


Preparing each report was a last minute race, leading to frustration and error. As SARS changes their specifications regularly, the bank’s process was reactive, instead of strategic.


A new, internally developed process would take too long to roll out and threatened to protract the existing system even further. A constantly growing client base meant that a solution was critical.


Our solution provided streamlined reporting, with automatic specification updates. This resulted in a highly improved turnaround in the generation of files. Synthesis takes care of the validation prior to submitting to SARS, reporting on any errors instantly. This has resulted in a greatly reduced turnaround time, and allowed previously consumed resources to provide operational support. The solution has also given deeper insight into data quality.

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