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Absa CDV solution

Published • 21 January 2016

In South Africa, Check Digit Verification (CDV) has grown organically over the years. As a result, it is often difficult for banks to check whether their implementation is aligned to that of Bankserv.

The Challenge

Absa needed to implement CDV for a great deal of batch-processed transactions. Performance, as well as reliability of results, was a priority.

The Solution

Synthesis addressed this challenge by building a library that fully implemented algorithms that could be embedded or deployed centrally. This fast, lightweight library natively performs the CDV, and continues to exceed performance requirements.

The Result

The result is a tool that continues to evolve alongside Bankserv’s requirements, as well as Absa’s future vision. The durable tool is extremely accurate, requires minimal maintenance and has been incorporated into a lot of core products. Synthesis is currently working on CDV cloud architecture to take it to the next phase.  To learn more contact us.

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