Case Studies / Absa CDV solution

In South Africa, Check Digit Verification (CDV) has grown organically over the years. As a result, it is often difficult for banks to check whether their implementation is aligned to that of Bankserv.


Absa needed to implement CDV for a great deal of batch-processed transactions. Performance, as well as reliability of results, was a priority.


Synthesis addressed this challenge by building a library that fully implemented algorithms that could be embedded or deployed centrally. This fast, lightweight library natively performs the CDV, and continues to exceed performance requirements.


The result is a tool that continues to evolve alongside Bankserv’s requirements, as well as Absa’s future vision. The durable tool is extremely accurate, requires minimal maintenance and has been incorporated into a lot of core products. Synthesis is currently working on CDV cloud architecture to take it to the next phase.

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