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Making a Difference on Mandela Day – The Synthesis Way

One of the central challenges facing South Africa is that youth unemployment statistics currently sit at 38%. Most South African children and youth living in impoverished communities are struggling to continue or complete their education and to have a positive sense of self and place in the world.

For the past 20 years, Afrika Tikkun has implemented development programmes to help disadvantaged young people to be able to realise their inherent potential.  Through Afrika Tikkun’s Cradle to Career model, they support children from infancy into adulthood and employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens. Investing in Early Childhood Development recognises that the protection and development of children not only safe guards their own well-being but is also the best guarantee of future peace, security
and prosperity for the community at large. Afrika Tikkun’s Child and Youth Development programme works holistically towards changing the environment in which young people live to facilitate their emotional, intellectual, physical, mental and social development and growth.

Through these programs, Afrika Tikkun aims to improve the numeracy, literacy, motor skils, life skills and nutrition of its children by providing educational, career and learning support along with arts, cultural, sports and recreation activities as well as family and primary health care support. Afrika Tikkun also has a disability empowerment program where they work together with the community to aid and support children with disabilities.

As a long term partner of Afrika Tikkun, it was only fitting that Synthesis chose Afrika Tikkun to lend a helping hand on Mandela day. The Synthesis team received a very warm welcome from staff members and children after arriving at the Afrika Tikkun Diepsloot facility. After a short welcome by  various staff members we were taken on a short tour of the centre and given a talk by the centre manager on the various activities that they run. Then it was down to some hard and creative work. The Synthesis team spent the rest of day painting and decorating 3 classrooms. Simultaneously Synthesis management educated school leavers on various business concepts such as Business Management, IT, Sales and Marketing. The day  culminated in painting some beautiful animal murals for the classrooms that we hope the young learners will enjoy for many years to come. The Synthesis staff returned to the office in late afternoon with a feeling of upliftment and pride knowing that on this Mandela Day 2016 – we made our mark and made a difference. Thank you Afrika Tikkun for this great opportunity.