Making Music from Your Data with ETL

Making Music from Your Data with ETL

By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager Your steaming cup of coffee is warming your hand. You slowly sit down to start your workday and then suddenly your neighbour’s piercing car alarm goes off, again and again. Your good mood, concentration and the heat of your coffee seem to evaporate. Why does this throw you off […]

ETL Stories of Siloed Metrics

Stories of siloed metrics: How to accidently incentivise the wrong behaviour and overlook star performers

ETL By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager If you are not measuring the right data, you are likely rewarding the wrong behaviour. Or you are not rewarding the right behaviour leading to poor business outcomes. This is what Adam Grant refers to as obvious insights. It seems obvious yet over the years I have come […]

10 Years of re:invent

10 Years of re:Invent By Chad Epstein, Synthesis  Cloud Practise Lead “We’re actually just getting started.” – Adam Selipsky This year kicked off the 10-year anniversary edition of the AWS re:Invent conference and also marked the return of it being hosted in-person in Las Vegas after a virtual-only event in 2020. Another significant change was the delivery […]

Words Of The Year

By Michael Shapiro, Synthesis Managing Director The word of the year in 1999 was “Y2K.”  In 2007 it was “subprime.” And then in 2016 it was “Brexit.” 2017 saw the emergence of “Fake news,” and in 2019 it was “Climate emergency.” And then the world changed. In 2020 the word of the year was “Pandemic” and this year, 2021, according to the Oxford […]

Deving For Good 2

By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager On 5 March 2020, over 140 Synthesis developers, code enthusiasts and solution seekers came together to develop for a cause in the annual Synthesis Hackathon. Ten teams were tasked to create technology to tackle gender-based violence. The stage was set with just under 24 hours, hundreds of cups of coffee […]