In Code We Trust, In Humanity We Thrive

Project success hinges on many factors, but the human element of development teams should not be overlooked. While the team primarily delivers code, software systems and intricate system architectures, the journey to project success can be streamlined by prioritising the soft skills and relationships amongst developers – your fellow warriors in the trenches. With the […]

The Future is Agile

By Daniel Sinek, Synthesis Marketing Intern Business is dynamic. Fortune 500 companies are successful because they can adapt responsively. One savvy way to join their ranks is by using an Agile methodology. The Agile methodology is a cyclical process that is best suited for dynamic business environments that evolve. Agile refers to an organisations’ ability […]

The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them?

The most foolish technology predictions and can we avoid them? By Kim Furman, Synthesis Marketing Manager If the quintessential experts get their predictions wrong, how can anyone else hope to get them right? Covid-19 has taught us to shy away from predictions – the future is an uncertain landscape. Yet some areas allow for more […]

Agile Software Architecture – Becoming Super Agile

Agile Architecture

You’ve adopted Agile? Great! Over the last few years, there has been a huge movement from the sequential Waterfall process towards a more flexible Agile approach. The question is: Has your software architecture followed suit? The “agile” in software architecture has similar connotations to the “agile” in Agile methodology meaning it can respond quickly to […]