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The traditional banking industry is facing unprecedented competition, not only from their peers, but also from the Fintechs and Bigtechs. Technology companies like Apple, Google, and the Amazons of the world are undercutting the value chain and taking away the revenue from the incumbents.

 The fourth industrial revolution has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and think. It is shaping the needs, wants and desires of customers. We live in the age of immediacy, and customers want fast, simple and convenient services, more so when it comes to financial services.

How can financial companies truly transform and innovate to meet the rapid changing demand of their customers?

It isn’t just about technology, to remain relevant, one has truly to understand their customers, challenge their beliefs and redefine their business model keeping the customer at the centre of their universe.

At Synthesis, we are here to support Financial Institutions and Non-banking financial companies in your journey to reinvent Payments for your customers by being a trusted advisor, a strategic partner, and a technology enabler.

Bringing to you 25 years of technological expertise coupled with niche domain expertise, we can help you adopt the best-in-class payment products and build solutions backed by design thinking, so that your customers get what they want and you have the time to focus on what matters.

 Transform your Payments today


Accelerate your payment modernisation and transformation journey, and enjoy leading the industry compliance initiatives:

Get value through our deep subject matter expertise in Payments and core banking coupled with rich experience of implementing cutting edge technologies in financial sector as we accelerate your internal transformation and guide your compliance initiatives.

Redesign your customer journeys to enhance your customer experience at the heart of operating model:

Enhance your customer centricity by analysing your customer journeys across different channels, creating an integrated customer experience that cuts across the siloed channels that aligns with your  operating model.

Make your competitors as your complementors.

Become the market leader by integrating with the right partners by means of APIs. We can help you design and implement a platform, modularise your existing platforms by means of internal, private and open APIs which can be plugged with other players in the payments value chain to create a win-win.


We practice human centered agility!


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MarketStream is beneficial to any institution doing any form of exchange trading

• Banks
• Dealers
• Brokers
• Inter Dealer Brokers etc



Your touch point on leading-edge technology so your company can get ahead & stay there.

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