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Mandela Day: Sharing warmth with Synthesis and Afrika Tikkun

Mandela Day sharing warmth with Synthesis and Afrika Tikkun

For the past ten years, and continuing this year, Synthesis Software Technologies (Synthesis) has celebrated Mandela Day with Afrika Tikkun, an organisation committed to developing and uplifting people living in underprivileged communities, and a nominated partner with the government for the Covid-19 relief fund and its efforts to distribute information, sanitation and food parcels.

Synthesis was faced with lockdown and needed to formulate a plan on how to participate and make an impact during this unusual time. The employees banded together and decided to share the warmth with the underprivileged communities that Afrika Tikkun so selflessly serve. The efforts to learn new skills of crocheting and knitting began and the creations of warmth started to take shape in the form of scarves and blankets.  Taking to the call of the times we added cloth face masks to the tasks and the employees rose to the occasion.

Finally the day came for the Synthesis team to bring all their efforts together, filling 67 boxes with scarfs, masks, beanies, blankets and over a thousand tins of food, which was well received by the loving hands of Afrika Tikkun on Friday 17 July 2020, to distribute to the families most in need.

Afrika Tikkun will distribute the additional food parcels sponsored by Synthesis amongst families in the communities near their centres in Cape Town (Zolile Malindi Community Centre) and Johannesburg (Phuthaditjaba Community Centre in Alexandra, Arekopaneng Community Centre in Orange Farm, Wings of Life in Diepsloot and Braamfontein, Uthando Community Centre).

Synthesis employees decided to go above and beyond this and created masterclass educational videos for Afrika Tikkun students and young professionals. These videos ranged from marketing to CV creation and act as a means to give youth skills for life and job creation.

“Lockdown may have restricted our movements, but it expanded Synthesis’ creativity with our team finding new ways to aid those in need. Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Madiba did every day. Our contribution to Afrika Tikkun will be distributed with a generosity of spirit to people who so desperately require it at this time. I am proud of Synthesis for responding to this call and honoured to be working with a remarkable partner such as Afrika Tikkun in this endeavour,“ says Michael Shapiro, MD at Synthesis.

CEO of Afrika Tikkun, Marc Lubner says: “Madiba taught us that Life is valuable under any and all circumstances. The COVID pandemic offers us a chance to stand by this principle and the team at Synthesis stood up and made a difference to the lives of others. They took up the challenge to ensure Mandela’s values were not forgotten nor ignored. We appreciate the opportunity to work together and are grateful for our relationship with such special individuals!”


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