You're Not Accessing the Full Benefits of Cloud.

But you can.

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Cloud Value Assessment

Did you know?

One in three companies are not accessing all the benefits of cloud.

With a Cloud Value Assessment, you ensure you are maximising the benefits of cloud while reducing risks,  eliminating weaknesses and upskilling your team.

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Synthesis Software Technologies
Synthesis Software Technologies

About the Assessment

Get three-in-one

Cloud Assessment

Receive a thorough gap analysis of your cloud environment with best practises to improve your cloud performance.

Cloud Computing Optimisation

Well-Architected Review

Detect risks and weaknesses in your cloud. Find ways to improve performance, optimise cloud spend and improve cloud security.

Hands-on Training

Ensure you continue all the best practices with cloud training for your teams.


Best Practice Strategy

Cost Optimisation

Increased Reliability

Increased Security

Reduced Risk

Increased Performance

Why Synthesis

1 in 3 companies fail to achieve the benefits of cloud and show ROI.

At Synthesis, we believe businesses deserve better.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with years of cloud experience, and over 200 certifications, we ensure you get the best of cloud. 

We draw on our thousands of hours from across industries and share our key findings to make cloud adoption simple, understandable and most importantly successful. 

This is the reason AWS named us Consulting Partner of the Year 2021.




*Spaces are limited. Free with over 50 servers to migrate. *40% on average.


Consulting Partner

DevOps Competency

Financial Services Competency

Microsoft Workloads Competency

Security Competency

Well Architected


Case Studies

See how we partner with our customers to solve problems and create impact with leading technologies.