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Cloud computing is a digital-era fundamental. It is critical to business agility, helping organisations respond with speed to disruption, bring innovation to market fast and scale rapidly. Synthesis is a leader in cloud.

As technology consulting and software development company, we specialise in cloud computing and cloud services. We’ve invested years in honing our holistic approach to cloud, first in the demanding financial services, then across industry verticals.

We know how to leverage the power of cloud. We help our clients become end-to-end cloud ready and level up their cloud capabilities to drive digital innovation within their organisations.

In partnership with the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region Launch, we’ve created a range of offers to help you through every step of the journey, from project inception to realising technology reinvention, with training built in at the core.


Uncover how to get the most out of cloud with a Cloud Value Assessment

With a Cloud Value Assessment you get three offers in one including a cloud assessment, a well-architected review and cloud training so you can know the true value of your cloud, increase cloud security and detect cloud threats.

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Go to the cloud the smart way with an Optimisation & Licensing Assessment (OLA) and save 40% on licensing and compute

Isn't it time to only pay for the licenses that you use? Get a license assessment to reduce costs now when you move to AWS Cloud and discover how much you can save when migrating to the cloud.

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Cloud Value Assessment

Get the true value of cloud. Contact us ace the cloud with a Cloud Value Assessment & know all your cloud weaknesses in just 1 month.

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Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

Modernise, Cost Optimise & Revolutionise your workloads with Synthesis and AWS

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We co-create digital innovation with enterprises and start – from ideation to rapid application development, prototyping, provisioning of fully-managed architecture and services in the cloud, and tactical lift-and-shift migrations – to deliver cost and competitive advantage to your business.

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Need to define your vision and strategy for cloud? We can help you establish a technology baseline, understand organisational impacts, define critical guardrails, identify priority projects and create a roadmap, and put in place a launchpad to accelerate cloud adoption across the enterprise.

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How should existing workloads ideally transition to the cloud? Migration requires an injection of fresh thinking. Our cloud accelerator model can help you quickly realise benefits from cloud initiatives with best practice, architecture and knowledge transfer built in.

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Continual improvement of the cloud environment is vital to drive performance, reliability, cost efficiency, security and governance. We apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework to remediate across these areas and ensure best practices.

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Cloud Adoption and Operations Integration

Cloud adoption is not just about technical change – it’s also about how people, the business, operations and governance are affected. We help organisations understand the impacts and adapt their skills, functions and capabilities to optimise their operations, become cloud ready and fully harness the benefits of cloud.

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Cloud computing rapidly modernises IT infrastructures and capabilities, adding significant agility to development teams and the organisation – but it can also pose many security risks! As security is a moving target, expert guidance is needed to architect resilient and secure solutions, build out security capabilities and automation, and lock in best practices.

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Any successful cloud strategy will include cloud training. Cloud adoption impacts the whole organisation, changing roles, functions and processes. Synthesis offers bespoke cloud training tailored to your objectives and your organisation.

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Cloud Managed Service Provider

Synthesis have a proven track record of high-end managed services and innovation for cloud environments. Specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Kafka and other emergent cloud technologies, Synthesis assists some of the biggest financial services and retail organisations across South Africa, Mauritius and more recently into the rest of Africa.

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Microsoft Workloads

Modernise, Cost Optimise & Revolutionise your workloads with Synthesis and AWS

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AWS Immersion Days

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Synthesis is proud to announce that we are now able to host AWS Immersion Day workshops. An Immersion Day is a hands-on workshop delivered by AWS Advanced and Premier Partners who meet the specific requirements. Immersion Days allow customers to quickly gain a foundational understanding of AWS. 

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AWS 100 Certified

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader in Public Cloud services, offering comprehensive services that help businesses innovate and deliver at hyper-scale.

Synthesis is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS competencies in Financial Services and DevOps and is the first partner in Africa to have achieved these three milestones.

With an exclusive focus on AWS, our cloud transformation initiatives help take our customers from zero-to-production; assisting organisations to become cloud-ready through our offerings in:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis, AWS training, Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Organisational Integration (OI), Well-Architected Reviews, migration and acceleration programs, security engineering, DevOps and managed services, as well as bespoke solution design and development.

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