What is AWS Marketplace?

Synthesis Head of Marketing and People Howard Feldman sits down with AWS Marketplace Senior Category Manager Kuda Mlingo to discuss what exactly the AWS Marketplace is.

Born in Adversity: Start-up Stories

Succeeding as a start-up is about not only having the ability to see what is possible but the drive to persevere when everyone else cannot.

Join our expert panel as they share their startup stories, what it takes to push through adversity, advice for thriving in times of Corona and how they all tapped into one technology (AWS Cloud) that assisted their growth.

We asked the Top Financial Services, Insurance, and Retail companies in South Africa – Is Data the New Currency?

The management of data quality is a common struggle across companies and industries. Prioritising fraud prevention and having insight into data can have a ripple effect on the economy. Everything is hyper-personalised by tracking people’s engagements, clicks, and movements.  Insights into this invaluable data can enable rapid instant information with various benefits. To explore the […]

Modernise, Cost Optimise and Revolutionise with AWS

Modernise, Cost Optimise and Revolutionise with AWS

by Chad Epstein Cloud Migration Practice Lead The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation journey of enterprises towards increased use of cloud computing technologies. According to an IDC study, customers that move their Windows workloads to AWS will see a 56% reduction in the cost of operations over five years, and a 442% increase […]

Achieving Operational Excellence with Terraform


20 October 2020 By: Jared Naude, Cloud Architect – Synthesis Software Technologies  As companies go to cloud, they must adopt a new operating model to effectively build and run their environment. In this blog post, which is the first part of a two-part series, we will explore a few key aspects of unlocking the cloud operating model and achieving operational excellence during the cloud […]

RDS Monitoring

AlBaraka Bank streamlines SARB reporting

By Matthew Crockett, Synthesis Digital and Emerging tech Principal Projects Custodian Problem Part of the modernisation of a Microsoft workload and deploying it to AWS will include migrating the database from an on-prem Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS, with any of the database flavors that you could wish for. Monitoring these databases can be […]

The Impact of Cloud Computing on Data Centres

The impact of Cloud computing on data centres

By Jared Naude, Synthesis Cloud Architect In the era of rapid technological change, organisations have had to adapt the way that they do business to respond to the rapidly changing needs of customers and to future-proof their businesses. To be at the forefront of innovation and to maintain a competitive edge, development teams need to […]

Decrease business costs with the cloud

Decrease business costs with the cloud

Decrease business costs with the cloud by Darren Bak, Synthesis Head Solutionist The COVID-19 pandemic and the 30% depreciation of the Rand to the Dollar this year has not only disrupted business planning but caused major concerns for decision-makers and the future of their organisations. Fortunately, the cloud provides the means to increase organisational agility […]