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Why Companies are Choosing the Cloud: The Business Value of Cloud Computing

Why Companies are Choosing the Cloud: The Business Value of Cloud Computing

By Rodney Ellise

These days, there is a lot of discussion about the business value of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a valuable tool for both business and personal use. But how does cloud computing work, and how can companies utilise it to reap maximum benefit? 

The answer to these questions is quite simple, as you’ll soon learn. The business value of cloud computing technology holds a lot of potential, especially in the fields of sales and marketing. 

What Are the Business Benefits of Cloud Computing?

There are several business benefits of cloud computing. Cloud-based systems use remote servers for data storage, which enables users to store, access, share, and edit any information uploaded to the cloud from any electronic device that can connect to the internet. When it comes to doing business, using cloud computing makes it possible for companies to share information with employees. Data can be shared and accessed from any location, and updates occur instantly, which may be beneficial in a variety of ways.

Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage 

It is possible to free up storage capacity, both physical and digital, by moving company information to a cloud-based storage system. Cloud storage eliminates the need to hoard hard copies of company data, as everything is backed up to a single source. Nor do individual computers or cellphones need to worry about running out of space on their hard drives. Cloud storage is limitless, and can be retrieved remotely from any device with an internet connection. The cloud may be used to clear space and, more significantly, store everything in a single location. This makes things much simpler to discover when it is required.

Access Information in Real-Time

Companies need to ensure that employees have access to the latest updated versions of documents at all times. This occurs virtually effortlessly with the cloud, as notifications of any updates, modifications, or additions to shared documents are immediately shared with all users. There is no concern about making decisions based on out-of-date information. Employees are less likely to make costly mistakes as everyone has access to the same pool of updated data.

Simple Data Sharing and Collaboration 

Sharing data or files in the past included sending them by fax, email, zip drives, or other kinds of data transfer. Why not communicate instantly, wirelessly, and digitally using a cloud computing solution? Information can be shared rapidly, within mere seconds, since no one has to wait for documents to be sent, which makes it more efficient than other methods. Employees are also able to collaborate easily using the shared cloud server. 

Synthesis Cloud Computing

There’s no questioning the business value of cloud computing. All company information is stored, shared and accessed in real-time in the cloud, resulting in more efficient work across the board by saving time, space, and effort. 

But only if you team up with the right cloud computing provider. In reality, 1 in 3 companies choose a cloud computing provider that can’t show ROI.

That’s why it is crucial to choose wisely. Choose Synthesis


As an AWS Consulting Partner of the Year SSA 2021, Synthesis uses cloud computing to help companies build lasting customer relationships, cut expenses, and thrive. 

Here’s how our cloud computing solutions can benefit your company: 

  • Reduced operating costs of up to 51% 
  • IT personnel productivity increased by up to 62% 
  • Unscheduled downtime cut by 94%
  • Developer productivity boosted by 25%
  • 6 months until first ROI, and 5 years until 637% ROI

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