Free Cloud Review

Is your cloud spend optimised? Is your security sound?

Easily find out the answers to these questions and more with a Free Synthesis Cloud (Well-Architected) Review valued at R70 000

This is a thorough assessment of your cloud architecture by AWS-certified experts to ensure it meets cloud best practices.

This offer is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. T&Cs apply. Book yours now.

Free Cloud Review

Do you really know what is going on your cloud? Here is what we found in reviews: 

1. Financial Sector client: We discovered the server was deployed as an internet-facing server and it was the subject of a brute force attack – over 4000 attempts a day to compromise the application. The client did not even realise that the server was being attacked.

2. Banking sector client: The client needed to relocate infrastructure to AWS Cape Town to reduce latency. We discovered that the number of servers deployed could be downsized.

3. Financial, Logistic & Retail clients: Clients were deploying an environment in a single account. There was no segregation of environments, resulting in disastrous consequences – data breaches, deletion of data & interruption of services.

What does a Synthesis Cloud Well-Architected Review Entail? 

A Synthesis Architect will provide an in-depth analysis of the workload across the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. They will then provide a detailed review scorecard, report and action plan to assist with remediation and areas of improvement.  

The Well-Architected partner programme has the additional benefit of providing AWS consumption credits for each remediation. This is currently set to a maximum of $5 000 per remediated workload, a portion of which is used to offset consulting costs. 

Why Synthesis?

Synthesis is a part of a select group of certified AWS Well-Architected Partners worldwide. As a pioneer in cloud with experience across numerous verticals, Synthesis builds on the AWS Well-Architected Framework with years of expertise and experience. Our reviews have enabled customers to maximise cloud security, performance, resilience and efficiency while reducing cloud spend. We are passionate about enabling cloud as a means to truly enable business.

AWS Well-Architected Framework  

AWS’ Well-Architected Framework is based on five pillars that encapsulate a set of core strategies and best practices for architecting systems in the cloud. Synthesis’ Well-Architected Review assesses cloud systems against these five pillars:

1. Security. Protect information, systems and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies. 

2. Cost Optimisation. Run systems to deliver business value at the lowest price point. 

3. Reliability. Prevent and quickly recover from infrastructure or service disruptions.

4. Performance Efficiency. Use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements and maintain efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve. 

5. Operational Excellence. Running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and continually improvprocesses and procedures.  

Free Cloud Review

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