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Synthesis Software Technologies is a South African software development firm located in Johannesburg, South Africa and offers specialized software development services to the financial industry. Synthesis offers business benefit, reduces complexity and satisfies compliance requirements as well as consulting, development and integration services, software products, support and maintenance. We aim to deliver dependable solutions to our […]

Synthesis - Specialized Software Development

Synthesis Software Technologies is a South African software development firm located in Johannesburg, South Africa and offers specialized software development services to the financial industry. Synthesis offers business benefit, reduces complexity and satisfies compliance requirements as well as consulting, development and integration services, software products, support and maintenance. We aim to deliver dependable solutions to our clients and tackle each project with skill and passion to solve business and technical challenges.


Synthesis has extensive experience in delivering software solutions and services to many financial institutions  by offering regulatory reporting solutions for the SARB Balance of Payments reporting for all Authorised Dealers and Bureaus (AD and ADLA’s). We provide a complete SARS solution for submission types such as IT3 reporting (b), (c), (s), FATCA,CRS, DWT, PAYE and Insurance and Medical Schemes.

Our products and services allows for integration to payment networks. Software and support for the local clearing house such as BankservAfrica, is provided as well as access to the international payments through the SWIFT network. Payment streams such as Electronic Fund transfers (EFT), Early Debit Order (EDO), Cheque Digit Verification (CDV) and Real-time Clearing (RTC) are fully supported.

We also have practical experience in Market and Credit risk, Portfolio management and associated software development.

Payment Processing to local ACH

Synthesis provides payment clearing integration solutions to connect to BankservAfrica. The BankservAfrica RTC system is based on the BankservAfrica card system (ISO8583 message protocol) and the payStream RTC software handles the real time messages sent between banks via the ACH and marks off files for each clearing windows.

The payStream CDV component was developed by Synthesis as an accurate and quick add-on library that implements the BankservAfrica Check Digit Verification (CDV) algorithm.

Integration using payStream payment software is simple and well defined. Methods provided include queues (IBM MQ, MSMQ) and database level integration through stored procedures and logical queues. The adaptor provides a simple “one transaction at a time” interface that mirrors the paradigm used by the SWIFTnetwork which is use to managing message flows.


Banking Software South Africa

System Integration

Synthesis integrates disparate systems into a coherent whole. Integrating systems from legacy versions to cutting edge systems. Our major strength in the integration fields is domain knowledge in the financial services industry coupled with our powerful technical abilities.

Information Security

The Synthesis InfoSec team specializes in the Payment Card industry, with a number of highly successful software development and integration implementations. We have created a range of innovative security products through internal research and development process, which provides clients with additional options to suit their requirements.

PCI & EMV Consulting

EMV card

Synthesis Card Solutions

The Synthesis Information Security team has extensive working experience with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and PIN Security Standards (PCI DSS & PCI PSR) and related EMV (Europay, Mastercard and VISA) standards. We developed a range of solutions which run within the EMV specification, including PIN issuance, PIN change and Issuer Scripting. Our solutions provides incorporates the integration and deployment of Hardware Security Modules in order to be PCI compliant.

HSM Integration and Consulting

Our InfoSec team has extensive experience with the Thales nShield range of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Modules used where the regulatory requirements for protection of information are strictly mandated, include: The Payment Card Industry (through PCI DSS and PCI PSR) and various other protection of information acts (POPI, HIPAA, DPA).

Hardware Security Modules

Hardware security modules are essential in dealing with secure information. Our extensive experience with the Thales nShield rage of Hardware Security Modules ranges from simple integration via open standards (PKCS11, JCA, MSCAPI-NG, etc.) to full Code Safe Development where code is cross-compiled and runs natively within secure boundaries of a HSM. Our broad range of skills allow us to develop the best secure solutions.
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Thales HSM

Synthesis Hardware security module

ISG – Issuer Script Generator

Issuer Script Generator is a rules-based engine for generation of EMV Post-Issuance Scripts in real-time and is a valuable extension to existing card transaction system. It supports the generation of any Issuer Script (APDU) defined by the EMV standard under either “Secure Messaging for Integrity” or “Secure Messaging for Confidentiality.” ISG makes use of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSM to perform these cryptographic operations.


SSO – Web Single Sign-on

The Synthesis Web Single Sign-On product suite provides a centralised authentication service for use in secure online applications. It was designed to facilitate the integration of online applications running on various operating systems and web server platforms.

A suite of administration applications is provided to support the service providers’ business processes, particularly those surrounding PIN generation, PIN printing, telephone authentication and administration of client questions and answers. The Web SSO also supports features like: two-factor and token-based authentication, and security enhancements.

ZKP – Zero Knowledge of PIN

ZKP is an inline hardware appliance that cryptographically processes sensitive data within a TLS/SSL stream, before proxying the traffic through to its final destination.

Sensitive data flowing through the enterprise infrastructure is exposed at each network point, regulatory requirements (PCI DSS / PCI PSR) mandate that exposure of certain highly confidential data is allowable ONLY within certified Hardware Security Module bounds. ZKP does not require a client-side application running on the origination side, as it leverages the existing TLS stream directly allowing you to use technology that connects via HTTP over TLS / SSL, eg. HTML, Javascript, SOAP, Smartphone Apps, etc.

Capital Markets

Synthesis’ capital market solutions allow financial institutions to use their existing treasury systems more effectively. We provide solutions that are custom tailored to your unique environment and individual need by using a combination of ready to deploy products, frameworks and consulting services.

Bonds and Futures

Synthesis Bonds and EDM/APD solutions offers full integration between client treasury systems and bond and EDM/APD markets. Our solution provides a central interface with the JSE IRD/Bond and JSE EDM/APD exchange server, allowing clients access to update trade information on the exchange server through automated processes (STP) as well as Direct Market Access (DMA), and is available in both Premium and Lite versions.

Synthesis code snippet


Premium solutions are designed for clients who need tight or DMA integration where the primary point of capture is the Treasury. Connectors available as part of the system include: FIX, MQ, Database Table Based Queues, Web Services/SOAP Calls and Files (CVS)

Lite solutions are designed for clients with less rigorous integration requirements where the primary point of capture is the exchange. This version monitors the exchange for confirmation of matched trades. Connectors that are included as stared are: Web Services/SOAP Calls and Files (CSV).


MarkitWire is a platform used to exchange trade data and confirm over-the-counter (OTC) transactions to achieve straight through processing. MarkitSERV’s MarkitWire platform provides post trade clearing and work-flow processes for OTC Derivative transactions across all major asset classes. Synthesis MarkitWire solution offers integration between client treasury systems and the MarkitWire platform, eliminating the need for double capture.


Synthesis solutions for banks and financial services institutions include AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Trade Finance, VAT and Basel reporting, Safex SSF booking, Online banking, Debt securitization administration, Wealth management and Management of Financial Simulations on GPUs using CUDA framework.

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