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Post-Matric Packing List for Life

Post-matric packing list

Synthesis congratulates all the 2019 matric participants on their awesome results. We are proud of South Africa’s youth and can’t wait to see who you become.

As you embark on the next stage of your adventure, remember to pack wisely. Here is a list of some items you might want to consider putting in your bags:

  • A sense of humour; See the humour in good times as well as difficult times. Laughing in a tough situation doesn’t mean that you are not taking it seriously;
  • Humility; remember that you always have room for improvement (even your mom thinks you are almost perfect);
  • Thirst for knowledge. Keep your eyes open and ask questions wherever you go.
  • Appreciation of the small things. A reflection of light on a puddle. The smell of baked bread as you walk past a bakery, your first coffee in the morning. It’s the things we don’t notice that can keep our souls filled;
  • The knowledge that you will not succeed without consistent hard work;
  • The passion to make the world a better place; and
  • The capacity to love without judgement.

Whilst you are packing, here are a few things to make sure that you leave behind.

  • The belief that it’s your parent’s fault. It might have been, but it’s time to let that go;
  • The sense that you are owed anything. You aren’t; and
  • Limitations. You might not have the talent to be an Olympic pole vaulter, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t reach amazing heights.

At Synthesis we are privileged to have many brilliant young people as part of our team. We know what you are capable of.

Now it’s time to make that happen.

Howard Feldman