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Cloud security needs scaled learning & a shared responsibility model

The following excerpt comes from an interview of Jared Naude, Software Engineer of Synthesis, by ITWeb.

“As businesses migrate to cloud, they are not putting the foundational security controls in place, such as identity and access management, and logging and monitoring. This often means that when a security incident occurs, there are no logs or information which could be used to investigate the incident.

“So says Jared Naude, software engineer, cloud security at Synthesis Software Technologies, who will be speaking at ITWeb Cloud Summit 2019, to be held on 12 February at The Forum in Bryanston.

“Commenting on the security complexities associated with today’s cloud environments, Naude says many businesses are not taking into account the new risks that cloud poses, and they are not adopting an appropriate threat model, with security controls that can mitigate these risks.”

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