Taking the pulse of your employees 

We are excited to launch beta testing of a proudly Synthesis initiative – Pulse. We have created a unique window of opportunity for you to have this custom developed for your organisation during this phase.

Contact us if you would like to be part of this journey.

We all know that if you can’t measure it, you can’t monitor it. This is why you measure every element of performance: from financial indicators to operational efficiencies. So why not gauge – the wellbeing of your staff? Taking the pulse of your employees has never been as important as in these unprecedented times.

Introducing Pulse. Pulse is a custom-designed solution that helps you gauge any trends surfacing in your organisation. Through Pulse you can send out internal surveys daily, weekly or monthly. It also allows you to pick up on any anomalies within individuals or teams, which can then be actioned through the most appropriate channel. With Pulse, you are the first to know the climate of your organisation.

How to use Pulse?

Pulse is a bespoke solution that is custom-designed for your organisation. We understand that every organisation has a unique culture and set of requirements. One size will not fit all so Pulse is designed based on your specific needs.

Pulse can be used for everything from asking your employees how they feel this week to if they are allocated on a project to how they are managing working remotely. It is not time consuming for the employee and allows for immediate feedback.

How will Pulse benefit your organisation?

Pulse will help you to:

  • Monitor and measure employee wellbeing quickly and easily
  • Gain employee insights in real-time
  • Obtain reliable data to improve your employee experience
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

What else can you do with Pulse?

Pulse can also be designed for your organisation-specific needs such as:

  • Obtaining valuable market and product research
  • Gauging customer satisfaction
  • Measuring customer service

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